A Cheat Sheet Guide For Skin Care Routine

Don’t you wish a simple task such as washing your face can be as easy as instant coffee: Just pour hot water. Unfotunately, NO.

You have to first wash, then get rid of the raccoon-eye left overs, treat that irritating pimple, get onto sun protection, focus on yor dry skin — sooo many steps to worry about and with little information on which is the correct first step to worry about, or even how to put it into affect for the best results.

Not to stress, here’s a short skin care summary on the important pre and post-makeup routine. Firstly using make up remover (such as Neutrogena Deep Clean Oil-Free Makeup Remover Cleansing Wipes) then moving onto cleanser/exfoliator to hydrating with moisturizer, all before before SPF, this is a neat guide to show you how to properly care for your skin (cleansing, treating, as well as anti-aging) routinely like a professional.

Sidenote – you can also add to the skin care routine by applying a natural face mask remedy which only uses 3 simple ingredients onto your face, 2 to 3 times a week for optimal results.

Read on for the cheat sheet guide::

7 Step Cheat Sheet Guide

Step 1

Remove Makeup
Preferably using wipes

Step 2

Cleanse & Exfoliate
Cleanse “daily”
Exfoliate – 1 to 2 times a week

Step 3

Apply Toner
Preferably using cotton balls

Step 4

Spot Treatment
Only on affected areas

Step 5

Apply Serum
If using a few – liquids, gels then creams last

Step 6

Apply Moisturizer
A thin layer over entire face

Step 7

Apply SPF
Over entire face and neck

As you can clearly see from the simple steps above, an easy and practical way to cake for your skin on a daily and weekly basis. Apply these steps routinely, and you are well on your way to proper skin care, and don’t forget to apply a face mask which can also help in boosting the health your skin.

This is a simple to follow 7 step cheat sheet guide for a daily cleansing, treating, as well as anti-aging skin care routine!

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Source : totalbeauty.com